MALECO,  young and dynamic company,  avails itself of high skilled staff with several years of experience coming from primary fire-fighting, ecology and sewer-cleaner trucks building companies.

The experience, the passion and the flexibility that as always characterize MALECO’s founding members has allowed a constant growth; the particular attention towards the new working process and the steady technological updating has made MALECO today is one of the principal production reality on the Italian territory and Europe as a whole.

The ability to engage and solve various and complex problems guarantee full customer satisfaction and make MALECO the right answer to every requested task / service for any kind of equipment. Our operational ability and several years of know-how has permitted to carry out with extreme promptness the customers’ requests, minimizing the production time.

Competence, dynamism, professionalism, courtesy and intervention’s speed are the principal characteristics that make MALECO a flagship.

Technically we collaborate actively with the most important companies in the field, solving any kind of technical or documentary problems quickly.

We have equipment and machinery available that allow us to operate in full autonomy and efficiency. Our equipped warehouse allows us to carry out with extreme promptness the customers’ requests for whatever kind of spare parts or optional for every typology of equipment, reducing to the minimum the machine-stop-time.